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Unlike travel agents, we do not get commissions or payments from hotels, attractions or tour operators. Our trips are planned as if we are planning them for our family and our closest friends. We ask you for all our your preferences and tailor the itinerary to what you want for your vacation.

How does the process work? We begin with a consultation. We want to know where you want to go, what you want to do, how much you want to spend, and what you want out of your vacation. From there, we make suggestions on destinations and activities, all for free.

Should you want to continue with our services, select from the different pricing options based on what you want us to do: We can create a basic daily itinerary or book reservations on hotels, attractions and restaurants to provide a detailed itinerary. You will receive sample itineraries for review and have time to make changes before we reach a final itinerary.

What do I receive with my package? Once you are happy with the itinerary, we will book reservations using your credit cards and provide you with a detailed itinerary with all confirmation numbers, addresses, and schedules, both online and in print.

What are additional fees? Our travel is tailored for up to four people. If traveling with a larger group, additional fees of $5 per person, per travel day will be added to accommodate for additional time required to plan for larger group travel.

Why should I trust your recommendations? Our experience in travel has not only given us first-hand experience and discoveries in various destinations, but connects us to a wide group of travel insiders we can turn to for additional services. 

Can you plan travel for people with disabilities, allergies, multiple ages, etc.? Yes. During the consultation, we get all of your concerns and tailor the trip to meet any special needs you may have.

What destinations do you specialize in? Although we can help you plan a trip "anywhere," we specialize in European and Caribbean travel (including Mexico's Caribbean). We can also help you plan a trip in the United States. 

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